We are the Land's and after over a decade of photographing 500+ weddings all over the Philadelphia area, this summer we sold our home and moved into an RV to head out West starting January of 2024! This was always a dream of ours and we've decided there really is no better time than now. We will be spending January-April 2024 in Las Vegas, Arizona, Joshua Tree, & Death Valley and we can't wait for all the adventures and opportunities to photograph so many epic weddings and elopements for our future couples!

We're Heading West at the end of 2023!

Pricing starts at $4200

We've been photographing large weddings all over the Philadelphia area since 2011 and now we are bringing our talents west of the rockies and we'd love nothing more than to document your big day! 

Pricing starts at $2500

Adventure Elopements take us all over the United States. These can be just about anything you can imagine.From mountaintops, to lakes, to trips down the PCH, we would be honored to document your adventure!


Pricing starts at $1500 $1000

Las Vegas is our home from November to May. Which, if we're being honest, it's a way better time to elope in the desert than the summer! If you're flexible with your date we can almost always make something work for you two and would be honored to photograph your Las Vegas elopement!

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If you're reading this review I'm going to save you time in the wedding planning process and tell you to stop right now and book JD. It was hands down the best decision we made in the whole process. JD's magic is that he captures the DAY and all of the emotion and wonderful moments that you actually want to remember. He was amazing to work with, and really took the time to get to know the two of us and what we wanted out of the day... JD, you are incredible and were the best decision Dave and I made. I couldn't be happier with our decision and we LOVE having your pictures to look back on to remember our amazing day. Thank you!!

Dave & Drew B.

 I will recommend JD to anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer. An amazing photographer, and amazing person and truly a pleasure to work with, and have capture our day in photos that we’ll look at for the rest of our lives.

Nicholas & Elizabeth W.

Our photos are incredible. They provide a true look at the nervousness, the joy, the tears, the laughs and everything in between. I am able to relive every moment of our day looking at our photos... I can't thank him enough for the way that he captured such a momentous and important day for us. Would recommend over and over again.

Andrew & Meredith H.

What compelled me towards choosing JD was obviously his photos but also his amazing personality, he was very honest and just so relaxed about everything... Most people say a wedding day is only one day, and it really is the best day ever, but when you can relive it through your photos you feel like it never ended, thank you so much JD you are the best!!!

Dawn & Michael J.

JD was incredible. I've looked at our wedding photos about a thousand times since we received them, and I love every one of them.  His attention to detail was incredible, and the way he frames photos is unique and just exquisite.

Doug & Meghan R.

JD has a special talent for being able to anticipate and capture the most intimate and candid moments of your wedding day. If you want natural photos that capture the raw emotion of your day without seeming posed, he is hands down the photographer you are looking for. Some of our favorite shots were pictures we didn't even knew that he took,

Andrew & Alexi K

We had such a wonderful experience working with JD and Salt & Sonder Studios! We are completely obsessed with both our engagement & wedding photos! JD's attention to detail is incredible and he was able to capture angles and photographs that are different than the traditional wedding photos and that is what we loved about him... we also loved how he was able to capture candid, and "true moments" of the day such as people laughing, hugging, dancing, talking, getting "teary eyed" etc. Those raw emotions that you feel on your wedding day can easily slip away with time, and JD was able to capture these moments that we now can look back on forever!


JD has such a unique style that I instantly knew I wanted to capture my day. He doesn't just pose you to look picture perfect, rather he captures the raw emotions of the day and all the moments that go beyond the surface... I highly recommend JD to any couple that wants more than just wedding photos, JD truly goes above and beyond in telling your unique story of the day.

Chris & Rachel C.

We feel so grateful and so lucky that we were able to work with JD and Salt & Sonder Studio for our wedding this winter. JD was an extremely professional, creative, attentive, supportive, and just plain ol' fun photographer to work with from start to finish, and our final results were truly magical. His photos are real and intimate, capturing all the emotions of the day (the nerves, the celebration, the joy, and the love) with his trained photojournalistic eye.  Thank you JD for helping us make such beautiful memories of our special day!

DAve & Halcyon P

My husband and I fell in love with JD's work the moment we saw it and fell in love with him the moment we met him! JD is patient, kind, calm, professional, diligent and hard working.  He is kind, genuine, professional and beyond talented. His work is high quality and he will always make you feel like you are his number one priority. You only get married once and your photographer is one of the most important vendors you will book because they will preserve all of your memories so you can relive your wedding day for the rest of your life. JD is the best there is! If you want beautiful, amazing wedding photographs, don't hesitate...book him today!!!! Thank you so much for everything, JD!!! You rock!!!!!!

Lauren & Rodney M.

I am astonished at the stunning photos that encapsulate the genuine energy and love shared with our family and friends. The photos that you have once your wedding day is over are some of the only tangible memories that you have to look back on from the most special day of your life, and we are so thrilled to have JD’s artwork decorating the walls of our home.

Tyler & Joanna P.

I am not sure where to begin as I can hardly come up with the words to describe how happy we are that we found and booked JD Land as our wedding photographer!... I 15/10 recommend JD! We now have the most incredible collection of photos to look back on for a lifetime.

Lucia & Matt M.

Happy Clients

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